Biophilic Design is a huge 2021 design trend. “What is that?” we hear you ask…well we’ve been known to bang on about ‘bringing the outside in’ and that’s exactly what Biophilic design aims to do…and also the reverse of that…to bring the indoors out.⁠ Yes, it’s very Yin-Yang.

⁠Science has proven what countryside dwellers have known all along, that nature makes us feel good and benefits our health. The pandemic has increased everyone’s desire for outside space and the need for it to work beyond just the summer months.⁠ And there are oodles of hacks to get that outdoor living vibe, whatever the weather.

How to get the inside out:

Outdoor Soft Seating Chair #pbkids | Playroom chairs, Leather dining room  chairs, Cheap dining room chairs

Soft outdoor seating and outdoor beanbags will mean the sofa in front of the TV isn’t always the comfiest option. Alternatively, a hammock is the ultimate outdoor indulgence.


Outdoor Cooking Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Outdoor cooking is, in some ways, easier than indoor cooking –no cooking smells to worry about and any spillages can be washed away the next time it rains. Plus it gives you a heat source to keep you warm when the cold wind blows. Outdoor pizza ovens, barbeques and open fires are all a lot of fun.


Recycled Pallet Bars with Lights | Pallet Wood Projects

Get a covered seating area in your garden – a tarpaulin, gazebo or even clever planting can offer a shelter from the elements. Some of our customers have even created outdoor bars using recycled pallets. It makes a fizzy pop or G&T taste even better.

ConnectPro MV065 Festoon Lights Connectable Warm White SMD LEDs Frosted  Bulbs White Rubber Cable

Outdoor lighting offers ambience and a lovely festival vibe. Festoon lights are super trendy and solar lights come in so many beautiful designs these days for an eco-friendly glow.

How about running a matching floor from inside your house all the way to your patio to making the transition seamless from inside to outside? We have porcelain tile and natural stone options that look fantastic in this setting. And there’s added grip on our outdoor tiles to prevent any slips.

How to get the outside in:

5 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants are massive right now, and we don’t necessarily mean their size. Succulents, Swiss cheese plants even the humble spider plant have made a real come-back. Oxygen, greenery… what’s not to like?

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Essex | Aluminium Doors Essex

Bifolddoors literally bring the outside in by opening up your room into the garden. A great option if you are contemplating a building project

Ecuador Paint, , large

Carefully chosen interior colours can evoke thoughts of nature pretty well too. Green painted walls, warm earthy colours and sage green kitchens are all very popular in 2021 and probably forever more.


Driftwood Beach Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Natural materials are also an obvious choice for interior decor. Adorning your house with carefully chosen objects made of driftwood, stone, sea glass… are likely to stimulate feel-good thoughts of nature.

And let’s not forget wood flooring as it’s basically a super-hero product: great for allergy sufferers, lasts for decades, surprisingly warm to walk on and is also a perfect partner to underfloor heating. Added bonus – when you get your wooden flooring from us you can be sure you are making a choice that benefits the environment. Our current flooring favourites are Harlech rustic Oak for its wide planks which look great in a larger room. Anything herringbone as it’s just so pretty – Goodrich Ecru Oak is a stunner as is the Cotton Oak option! And, you are going to have control yourself when lay your eyes on this beach-house beauty Salcome Chalked Oak which is liable to make you book a weekend in Cornwall on the spot…

And that is biophilic design in a nutshell. Inspirational!