Aren’t pastel shades one of the best interior inventions ever? They can be used as patches of colour to accentuate a room but because they aren’t too bold, they don’t overbear. And there are so many things you can do with them…

Our new mood board gives you some great ideas how you can incorporate them into your world.

We love all the ideas here:

  • The glazed plain pastel-pink tiles in a herringbone pattern: stunning in a shower or wet room
  • The fish-scale powder blue mosaics as a splashback and the mother-of-pearl effect pink variation
  • Victorian-style patterned tiles which are in keeping for a period property but lend a modern and refreshing twist
  • Pastels and naturals, such as wood flooring, are a match made in heaven, it is impossible to make them clash!
  • You can add in other accents too as many pastels work well with each other, dusky pink and sage green for example. Who’s bold enough to add in the yellow sculpture…?

Are you unsure on what colours and options go together? Why not book a free appointment with us and we’ll use our creative flair to recommend some stunning options which can really create the wow-factor.

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