What is a large format tile?

It’s very simple: tiles get termed as large format tiles when one side is more than 60cm long.

We’ve seen tiles increasing in size over recent years and large format tiles are now very much part of the MC2 offering.


The reason why we’ve seen tiles getting bigger

Cutting down on grout

Grout can be amazing in creating colour and contrast, but it is prone to mould in damp environments. For that reason, in bathrooms, it can be practical to have less grout around.

Open plan living

There’s been an undeniable trend for open plan living in the UK. Additionally, the clean lines of Japandi design are all the rage. Large format tiles support these trends perfectly by helping create a relatively seamless environment.

A sense of space in smaller rooms

Joins between tiles can distract the eye so having less of them helps make smaller spaces feel bigger.

The desire for a ‘Scandi’ wood look with added durability

Wood-effect tiles are ridiculously realistic these days, in fact you will have trouble spotting the difference between the wooden planks and wood-effect porcelain tiles in our showroom. One reason why tiles can look so much like wood is because they can now be made the same size as wooden planks.


The do’s and don’ts when laying large format tiles

We will always advise you on this crucial stuff when you buy tiles from us. The size of large format tiles can mean that there is a slight bow across their length: this is all down to the manufacturing process (and physics) and unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done about it. Therefore, we advise you against laying these tiles in a brick-bond pattern as this can create ‘lipping’ between the tiles. Instead lay the tiles square or offset them slightly – but by no more than a third of their length. This will disguise any bowing.


How you know whether going large is right for you

Large format is a huge trend at the moment and it’s one we love. These bigger tiles are versatile and work well on walls, floors, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens – you can even consider them for countertops and cooker splashbacks.

Pop in if you would like any more information on our large format tiles. We have a lot of samples and you will be amazed at the sheer vastness of some of them!