Tile design masters Ca’Pietra have captured the facets of Mediterranean life that we all love in 8 new tile designs. Despite their rustic appearance, these tiles are all made of porcelain so there is no need for any special treatment other than the odd clean.

Let’s keep life simple.


Ooh la-la

It doesn’t take long after entering France to realise just how ‘French’ it is across the channel. The distinctive grand boulevards and romantic architecture adorning towns and cities are strikingly different from the UK. 

The new BELLEVILLE tile range offers quaint and eye-catching patterns in bright tones reminiscent of Paris, les chateaux and other gorgeous French locations.

The range includes (clockwise from top left)

CONCORDE with regal detail

RENNES a contrast of simple patterns and space

VENDOME a field of French flowers

SAINT GERMAIN with a classy geometric pattern


Another place us Brits just can’t get enough of is Italy. Whether it’s the landscape, the food, the art or the passion.

Inspired by designs found in old hotels, restaurants and palaces in Italy, SARDINIA pays homage to the famous Italian ‘Maiolica’ tiles; and accurately replicates the finely hand painted effect and bright Mediterranean tones famous to this style of art.

Blue features within all the 4 designs available (clockwise from top left).

TARRICONE has a simple two-colour soft pattern

GIOIA contains opulent geometry

DRAGONETTI adds in multiple colours and that can’t help but evoke thoughts of al-fresco dining

MASSERIA maximises its floral design

Release your inner Mediterranean!

Are you in love with these designs as much as we are? These tiles are all a little on the bolder side of colour and pattern but there’s no need to shy away. We can recommend what to pair these with to achieve either an understated or bolder look.

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