When you go abroad on holiday, it can be a shock to see the difference in recycling standards and general attitudes to plastic and disposable packaging.  Having just returned from warmer places…we realised that we’re actually not too bad at looking after our planet here in Windsor.  We’ve been following these top tips on how to reduce plastic for a while now and honestly can’t remember the last time we encountered a plastic straw in the UK.

We were really excited when we saw we were getting new neighbours recently – a refill shop opened up just a few doors down St Leonard’s Road from us called Zero Joe’s.  We popped in the other week and couldn’t believe the huge array of products available in there!  Dried pasta, rice, nuts, fruit, grains, cereal…Oils and vinegar…Fresh fruit and veg…Frozen pastries, peas, tropical fruit…Household cleaning products, toiletries… this blog isn’t long enough to list everything.  It definitely requires a change in mindset to go shopping armed with a bunch of containers but MC2 are up for the challenge.  We wish Zero Joe’s well with their eco-shop.