We sometimes forget that everyone who comes into our showroom isn’t a tile expert.  With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to give a quick guide to the main types of tiles we sell.  Hopefully you’ll have all the tile knowledge you’ll need once you’ve read this and will be able to start thinking about what colours, patterns and textures you might like:


You’ll see some of these on the wall behind our counter – patterned in a decorative period style.  Using either concrete or pressed clay, the pattern is inlaid in the tile, rather than being painted on. These are extremely popular at the moment.  Due to the technology going into them, they tend to be a little pricey.  However, the good news is that a little of these tiles can go a long way – they work well as a feature paired with a more affordable plainer tile.  Let us demonstrate in store.

These are generally the most budget-type of tile and there are endless options available.  Due to their durability they are best suited to walls.  For floors we typically recommend…

With a lot more strength than ceramic, these are extremely durable when used as flooring.  Porcelain is very versatile and we even have ranges that look like wood and marble.  Porcelain tiles can go on walls, but due to their nature, they are harder to cut and drill. We can match up complementary floor and wall options for you if you’d like to mix and match between porcelain and ceramic – often these are available within the same manufacturer range for a seamless look.

Bringing the outside in is a definite trend and one way to do this is using stone tiles which are literally pieces of rock cut to size.  The main types we sell are travertine, granite, slate, and marble.  They do require sealing which needs to be repeated periodically.  However, despite the maintenance, their natural beauty makes them an ever popular option.

Some consider these an ecological choice since glass is a truly sustainable material and some of our ranges are made of recycled glass – just ask if you would like to find out more.  Glass tiles are very resistant to stains – making them great for splash-backs.  They can get scratched so it’s best to keep these off the floor.  These come in a great range of colours, textures and patterns some of which are very eye-catching .

These can be any combination of materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone which are set in a small format and set on a mesh sheet for easy installation.  Mosaics are available in an a huge range of shapes, sizes, textures and colours making them perfect for a statement feature.



Do call us on 01753 830 638 if you would like any more information on our tiles or pop in to our showroom at 57 St Leonards Road, Windsor SL4 3BX.