The world of flooring isn’t generally what you think of as cutting edge. However, a couple of new innovations have recently really blown us away with their ingenuity.

1. Wooden floor’s which are comfortable and squishy to walk on

The new Lynton collection from Woodpecker is astounding (see above image). If you think that this flooring looks like real wood… that’s because it is, but perhaps the most hi-tech wood to date. With its own built in underlay, it’s surprisingly comfortable to walk on. It’s also dent-resistant due to the clever boards sitting underneath. And if you want to put them on underfloor heating, that’s no problem at all. These boards offer a unique combination of Woodpecker’s leading Stratex technology and real wood. And, perhaps the most astounding aspect… it’s the price. Wooden flooring has never been as affordable. Six different colours are available from a light Seagrass Oak, through to a deep Weald Oak.

2. Waterproof herringbone for your bathroom

Woodpecker’s Stratex Brecon has been around for a little while but the new Herringbone range is just too good not to mention. This is high end composite board that looks remarkably realistic with its woodgrain effect upper layer. It also has built-in underlay, a strong mineral core and a very hard wearing top – and is waterproof: so you can get that trendy wooden herringbone look in even the wettest rooms in the house. The flooring is robust and you can be assured that it won’t budge or swell. If you’d like to feel a warm floor when you get out of the shower, this flooring will happily sit on underfloor heating. Herringbone is available in 4 colours.


Samples available in store.