Over the last few years, January seems to have been transformed from the dark, cold month we’d rather forget… into a month of experimentation, optimism, environmental activism and health awareness. Illustrating this is ‘Veganuary’ being bigger than ever in 2020 (hello KFC Vegan burger!), together with record numbers us ditching the booze for Dry January.

If you’ve been wandering along St Leonards Road recently – maybe while doing your ‘Couch to 5K’ challenge – you will have seen our inspirational Green board in the window.  We believe that you don’t need to keep all the green on your plate this month, you can unleash it within your home décor too.

Our mood board contains Ca-Pietra Jungle Porcelain tiles which can put beautiful hexagonal green leaf patterns onto bathroom walls or floors.  Also featured is the Neisha Crosland Jigsaw patterned geometric design which blends into both Victorian and modern environments just as comfortably.

If you venture inside our showroom we’ll show you the subtlety of the Original Style Living greens too… we actually can’t think of a wall that they wouldn’t look great on.

Green and wood are a match made in heaven.  As well as wooden flooring looking stunning, did you know that it absorbs moisture from the air and later release it back when conditions are drier. In this way, wooden floors contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

All our wooden floors are ethically sourced with appropriate forest certification (including FSC and PEFC). It’s crucial to us that we encourage sustainable reforestation so that we can keep Europe’s forests growing – interesting fact: did you know that in Europe, forests are growing by an average of 6,000 km2 per year?

Turn your home green!